The Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Each year, countless patients come to our San Mateo, CA plastic surgery center to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of their breasts. To achieve their aesthetic goals, we offer different breast implant options.

Breast implant size tends to be one of the most important considerations for patients. What surprises many patients is that large breast implants aren't always the most ideal choice. Sometimes smaller breast implants are better. Let's look into the advantages and disadvantages of picking small implants for breast enlargement surgery.

The Pros of Small Breast Implants

The most important benefits of getting small breast implants are as follows:

  • A More Natural Appearance: Small breast implants can give patients a subtle increase in cup size that looks natural, complementing their frame and figure. There's less of a risk of the breasts looking too large, misshapen, or having stretched skin. In addition, age-related drooping or sagging of the breasts is less pronounced with small implants.
  • Use of Smaller Scars During Surgery: Since the breast implants are smaller, less extensive incisions are required to put them in place. Less scarring on the breasts is always more ideal for patients.
  • Faster Healing and Recovery: Placing smaller breast implants is generally a less invasive procedure when compared to placing large breast implants. That means less tissue damage and adjustments overall. While other factors come into play, patients with small breast implants tend to heal faster than women who get large breast implants.
  • Less Risk of Surgical Complications: Since breast augmentation surgery is not as invasive when small implants are used, patients are less likely to experience post-surgical complications after their procedure.
  • Less Risk of Body Pain Later in Life: Women with large breasts can face issues with back, neck, and shoulder pain because of the added weight of their breast implants. This is not as much of an issue with small breast implants.

The Cons of Small Breast Implants

The primary drawback of small breast implants is an aesthetic one. While some patients may get breast implants that are too large, it's also possible to get breast implants that are too small. In such cases, women may need to undergo a revision breast augmentation procedure at additional cost to increase the size of their breasts. 

The bottom line is that it's important to pick the right size the first time, and even with the many advantages listed above, smaller breast implants are not always the ideal solution.

Other Breast Implant Factors to Consider

Size isn't the only factor to consider when it comes to breast implants. Breast implants come in either silicone or saline forms, which can have a major impact on the nature of a surgery. In addition, breast implants come in different shapes and can be placed in different ways relative to the muscle tissue in the chest.

Creating a Treatment Plan for Each Patient

Given all of the factors to consider, it's important to visit our practice for an in-person consultation. During this discussion, we can go over the ideal breast augmentation options for you and your needs, and address any questions you may have about the surgery and its results.

Learn More about Breast Implant Options

For more information about breast augmentation and how it can make a difference in your life, we encourage you to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. Our team looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals.

October 14, 2017 - by: Dr. John Griffin | TOPICS: Breast