Corrective Surgery for Tubular Breasts

Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to increase the size and enhance the shape of their breasts. For some women, the surgery is necessary to correct certain genetic or inherited problems. Such is the case with tubular breasts, which can be a major source of self-consciousness and poor self-image.

San Mateo, CA plastic surgeon John R. Griffin has the training and expertise to help women with tubular breasts. Let's go over the basics of the condition and how implants can help improve a woman's appearance and sense of self.

What Are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts refer to a congenital condition that negatively affects the normal development of the breasts during puberty. Women who have the condition wind up with breasts that appear underdeveloped and deformed. The condition may be mild, moderate, or severe.

Tubular breasts are also known by these other terms:

  • Tuberous breasts
  • Constricted breasts
  • Snoopy breasts
  • Conical breasts
  • Hypoplastic breasts

Though the condition is genetic, the exact cause(s) of tubular breasts have yet to be determined.

Signs and Effects of Tubular Breasts

Tubular breasts tend to have minimal breast tissue present. They may appear small, narrow, pointed, and abnormally shaped, with a wide space between the breasts. Tubular breasts are also characterized by puffy areolas, a higher-than-normal breast fold, breast asymmetry, and unusual sagging.

How Breast Implants Can Help

Breast augmentation is one of the common surgical treatments available to enhance tubular breasts. By placing implants and making adjustments to the existing breast tissue, a cosmetic surgeon can add fullness and improve the shape of the breasts. This allows a patient to have breasts that appear mature and fully developed.

Special Considerations for Treating Tubular Breasts

Treating tubular breasts is not the same as performing a traditional breast augmentation procedure. Plastic surgeons need special training and a nuanced understanding of breast structure when dealing with tubular breasts.

After noting the severity of the patient's condition and the problems that are present, a cosmetic surgeon will need to pick the right size and shape of the breast implants to use. In addition to the use of implants, a plastic surgeon may also need to lower the breast fold, and perhaps lift the breasts if they sag. For cases of uneven tubular breasts, it's not uncommon for both breasts to receive implants as a way of achieving symmetry and a better overall body shape in the process.

Ultimately, each surgery must be tailored to the patient. During the consultation process, we can determine the best way to address your situation.

The Results of Breast Surgery for Tubular Breasts

Patients who get breast implants to treat their tubular breasts experience improved size and shape, and enhanced confidence as a result. When treating tubular breasts, the implants do not need to be large to achieve satisfactory results. Careful placement and planning can make once-tubular breasts look full, well shaped, and totally natural.

Incisions are made as discreetly as possible to minimize scarring. That said, scarring fades with time, and any scarring on the breasts can be concealed by most undergarments, bathing suits, and tops.

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