Liposuction - Popular Areas of the Body

The body stores fat under the skin, and no matter how hard patients work out, sometimes they have fat deposits that simply will not go away. Luckily, liposuction can physically remove these fat cells, giving the body a lean and toned look. Liposuction is most commonly performed on the following areas of the body.

Under the Chin

Due to the manner in which the body stores fat in certain people, patients have a double chin, without any flab on other areas of the body. Not only can this be embarrassing, it can be annoying, and even make patients look older or less fit than they actually are. Liposuction under the chin restores a youthful, smooth appearance to the area.


Like under the chin, extra fat deposits in the neck area can age men and women and make the neck look disproportional. A liposuction procedure can treat this.

Upper Arms

No matter how many curls and presses a patient does, sometimes, he or she just cannot get rid of that upper arm flab. In conjunction with battling upper arm fat at the gym, liposuction can get rid of these fat deposits and reveal thinner, toned, younger-looking arms.


Most women carry the majority of their weight around the mid-section and the legs. This weight persists on the flanks, and often, liposuction is the only solution.


Another common area of fat storage is on the hips. Not only can this make a patient’s body look disproportional, it can present severe health risks.


Like storage along the hips, a spare tire around the middle can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Because of hormones and chronic conditions, this fat may be impossible to lose with traditional methods.


Liposuction in the buttocks area can improve the look and firmness of this area. It can also ensure a more symmetrical look, and help to remove that “cottage cheese” look that many women have.


The thighs are one of the most common areas of concern for women, and therefore one of the areas that most commonly undergo a liposuction procedure. Deposits in the thigh area make a patient look older, and can cause him or her to have significant trouble dressing the way he or she wants to dress. There are usually two thigh procedures for women, one for the inner and one for the outer thigh area.


Like the thighs, fat deposits around the knee betray a patient’s age. As a patient ages, the body begins to store more and more fat on the legs, especially in the knee area, which can be troubling and even painful for some women. A liposuction procedure can alleviate the strain this extra weight causes.


Some women feel that they have “cankles,” or, because of fat deposits around their calves, no ankles at all. Slim ankles can help the entire leg look more youthful and toned. This area should be mostly muscle and bone, and when extra fat collects here, it can cause pain and inconvenience. 

These are just some of the areas where liposuction is commonly applied. For more information about liposuction services, contact Dr. John R. Griffin today.

September 30, 2014 | TOPICS: Cosmetic Surgery, Body