Rhinoplasty Can Eliminate Nasal Bumps

The nose is such a prominent facial feature. It's also problematic because of its prominence. An issue with the shape or size of the nose can result in a poor appearance as well as problems with self-confidence. Such is the case with dorsal bumps. These humps on the bridge of the nose can be a major cause of self-consciousness. In fact, just a small bump can throw off the symmetry and proportions of your face. This can impact self-esteem for many years.

Thankfully, rhinoplasty can help remove these problematic bumps, allowing patients to have noses that look much more appealing. At the practice of John R. Griffin, MD in San Mateo, CA, patients can undergo rhinoplasty for nasal bumps.

What Causes Bumps on the Bridge of the Nose?

Bumps and humps on the bridge of the nose are often caused by excess bone or cartilage along the nasal bridge. Sometimes both bone and cartilage are responsible for these issues. Bumps on the bridge of the nose are generally caused by genetics since certain nose shapes and types can run in families.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are people who feel self-conscious about the appearance of the nose. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any health conditions that would result in risks to health and wellness should they undergo surgery. It's important that patients know the risks and benefits of rhinoplasty before the procedure is performed, and that they have a good understanding of the recovery process and what it entails.

The Procedure to Address Nasal Bumps

To reduce the prominence of a nasal bump, a plastic surgeon has many options to consider. Essentially, the surgeon must remove the excess cartilage or bone of the bridge of the nose. This can be done either through closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty: A closed rhinoplasty is a nose job in which all of the incisions are made in the nostrils.
  • Open Rhinoplasty: An open rhinoplasty is a surgery in which an incision is made along the columella, the skin between the nostrils. The underlying structures of the nose can be revealed and revised through this incision. 

The type of surgery will vary depending on the nature and extent of work that must be done. Both types of surgeries will involve the use of general anesthetic to reduce anxiety and pain.

Will There Be Visible Scarring?

In the case of closed rhinoplasty, the scarring is not visible since all incisions are hidden inside of the nostrils. 

For open rhinoplasty, there is generally very little visible scarring since the incision is small and is located in a part of the face that people rarely scrutinize.

The Results of Rhinoplasty

People who undergo rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump experience an improvement in the overall appearance of the nose and face. Sometimes the change is dramatic, taking emphasis away from the nose and bringing other facial features to prominence. Patients are often satisfied with the results of surgery and their enhanced appearance.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

For more information about rhinoplasty to address bumps on the bridge of the nose, we encourage you to contact our plastic surgery practice today. Our team will work with you to enhance your appearance as well as your overall sense of wellness.

August 12, 2017 - by: Dr. John Griffin | TOPICS: Face