Rhinoplasty for Nostril Correction

When most people think of rhinoplasty (nose job), they tend to think of changes to the nasal bridge and fixing broken noses. The fact is, nasal reshaping surgery can do so much more. Dr. John R. Griffin can revise and improve all of the various structures of the nose, allowing patients to experience a better overall appearance and sense of self.

With this in mind, the team at our San Mateo, CA cosmetic surgery center would like to consider nostril revision surgery and how it help you look your very best.

Common Problems Affecting the Nostrils

Below are some of the most common complaints patients have about the appearance of their nostrils:

  • Small/Narrow Nostrils - Tiny or narrow nostrils can be off-putting, and can throw off the general appearance of the nose.
  • Large/Flared Nostrils - Extremely large or flared nostrils can alter the overall shape and symmetry of a person’s nose.
  • Asymmetrical Nostrils - If you have nostrils that are unevenly shaped or are of notably different sizes, this can lead to a number of serious cosmetic flaws.
  • Nostrils Not Visible When the Nose is in Profile - For some people, their nostrils are not visible at all when the nose is seen from the side, which is unlike most people’s noses.
  • Extremely Prominent Nostrils - Nostrils that are flared and are the most prominent aspect of the nose could be the result of major size issues or an extremely upturned nose.

Why Nostril Revision Is a Good Option

If you have problems with the way your nostrils look, a plastic surgeon can reshape and improve their appearance. The procedures will typically address the nostrils themselves or the septum, though changes can be made to the nasal tip as well to address nostril aesthetics.

Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are people who have problems with the appearance of their nose. They should be in good general health and not suffer from medical conditions that could pose serious risks to wellness. We have helped countless patients in the Bay Area thanks to rhinoplasty, and we’ll be sure to go over all of the risks and benefits of the procedure during the consultation process.

How Your Nostril Revision Will Be Performed

The exact nature of the nostril revision surgery will vary from patient to patient. Tissue can be removed and reshaped in various ways. Sutures may be placed to reshape the nostrils and the nasal tip if needed.

Generally speaking, there are two surgical techniques used to perform a rhinoplasty, open surgery or closed surgery. For nostril revision, closed rhinoplasty is more likely in that all incisions are made inside of the nostrils.

Open rhinoplasty can also be performed if a surgeon needs greater control and ability to reshape the nose. The open surgery involves an incision made along the columella, the strip of skin between the nostrils, giving a surgeon greater access to the various structures of the nose.

The Results of Rhinoplasty to Reshape Nostrils

The results of nostril reshaping can be dramatic. Patients experience improved overall facial aesthetics and greater self-confidence thanks to the surgery. Since incisions are well hidden, the results appear natural overall with well-concealed scars.

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August 22, 2019 | TOPICS: Face