Symptoms of Overly Large Breasts

If your breasts are too large for your body, you may experience significant physical and psychological trauma. Not only do large breasts create a strain on the shoulders, neck, and back, they can also lead to public embarrassment and trouble finding clothing that fits. Whether your breasts are a result of genetics or breast augmentation, the pain associated with breasts that are too large may call for breast reduction surgery.

Neck Pain

Because overly large breasts put undue weight on the front of the body, you may find yourself straining to look up or to even look straight forward. The weight of your breasts may be dragging your entire body forward into a hunched over position. Even if this is only a slight hunch, this can cause serious neck pain.

Shoulder Pain

Not unlike the neck pain caused by breasts that are too large for your body, the shoulders may experience significant discomfort from trying to lift your chest hour after hour, day after day.

Back Pain

The back bears the brunt of the load. If you have large breasts, you may experience aches in all regions of your back, but especially in your lower back. Overly large breasts have the same effect on your body as lifting heavy boxes all day. Every time you stand up or lean over, your lower back has to heave your chest back into position.

Breast Pain (Mastodynia)

If your breasts are too large, they may actually become painful themselves. They may ache, especially if you do have to bend over a lot during the day to pick up children, do housework, or move things around the office. The muscles and tissues in your breast area will be taking a serious toll.

Shoulder Rutting

If you are able to find an appropriately sized bra, the weight of your breasts themselves may cause the straps of those bras to dig into your shoulders, leaving permanent ruts in your skin. This shoulder rutting is not only painful, it can also ruin the line of clothing.

Rashes and Infections

When the breasts are too large for the body, they may chafe up against the upper stomach. This means that your breasts can become infected or develop a chronic rash on the underside of the breasts.

Inability to Find Appropriate Bras or Clothing

Aside from the pain, this is probably one of the biggest problems that women with large breasts experience. Even if the patient is thin everywhere else, it can be impossible to find clothes that both fit over the breasts and actually fit the rest of the body. This is especially difficult when looking for bras, as most bras with cup sizes over DD will only come in larger band sizes as well.

Social Anxiety

Women often feel that some men are only staring at their chests, but women with overly large breasts experience this more often than other women, as large breasts can overpower the rest of the frame, making it difficult and even nerve-wracking to go out in public. 

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September 30, 2014 | TOPICS: Breast