When Is Rhinoplasty Appropriate for Teens?

Undergoing a rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping surgery) can dramatically improve the appearance of your face. Even just a subtle adjustment of the nasal bridge or shape of the nostrils can help enhance your facial features. San Mateo, CA cosmetic surgeon John R. Griffin has helped many patients thanks to this facial surgery.

Teens who have issues with the appearance of their own nose often wonder if they can undergo rhinoplasty. Let’s take a moment to consider candidacy for rhinoplasty and the youngest age the surgery can be performed.

The Nose Can Affect Teenage Self-esteem

Teenagers often feel self-conscious about their appearance. A prominent nose, a hooked nose, or a nose with ridges on the bridge can drastically impact your appearance, whether viewed from the front or in profile.

We should also note that student athletes could experience an injury to the face that leads to a broken nose. If not addressed properly, this can lead to a crooked, flat, or uneven nasal bridge. This can cause problems with facial symmetry and appearance.

When Is the Youngest Rhinoplasty Can Be Performed?

A rhinoplasty can safely be performed on teenage patients so long as their nose has fully developed and matured. In most people, this is age 15 or 16. Keep in mind that the age can vary slightly, so the candidacy for teenage rhinoplasty must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Statistics on Nasal Reshaping for Teenagers

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 30,681 rhinoplasty procedures were performed on patients between the ages of 13-19. This number comprised 14 percent of all nasal reshaping surgeries that year.

While nose jobs are still mostly performed on adults older than 19 (most Americans who underwent rhinoplasty in 2017 were between the ages of 20-29), these numbers reveal that a teenage rhinoplasty is not exceedingly rare.

Factors to Consider for Teenage Rhinoplasty Candidates

When dealing with teenage patients interested in rhinoplasty, it’s important that we discuss matters with parents as well as the young patient. Surgery to address changes to the nose from injury may be weighed more than cosmetic nasal reshaping, though this depends on the needs of the patient.

We will go through the risks and benefits of surgery closely with patients and their parents so they know what can be expected. Our team may even suggest waiting until the teenage patient’s nose has fully matured before proceeding with the surgery. Working conservatively like this tends to yield good outcomes.

Results of Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teen rhinoplasty can have a dramatic positive impact on a patient’s appearance. The shape and prominence of the nose can be dramatically revised, allowing patients to feel much more comfortable about the way they look. If correcting an injury, surgeons will work to restore symmetry and a good general appearance to the nose.

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