Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Patients Ages 45 and Older

Individuals over the age of 45 don’t have to look and feel old. In fact, the mid to late 40s and beyond can be rewarding years as long as the patient is healthy and does not suffer from any major illnesses. The physical signs of aging can be treated with various plastic surgery procedures, helping men and women age gracefully as they prepare for their senior years.

An experienced Bay Area / San Mateo cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Griffin offers patients over the age of 45 a number of cosmetic treatments that can make them look and feel younger and more vibrant.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Many women and men over the age of 45 tend to show significant facial aging, characterized by deep wrinkles, lines, sagging brows, lids and overall skin laxity that may also lead to jowls, as well as a “turkey neck” in patients who may be overweight. Although facial injectables may be used to fill in wrinkles and lines, droopy skin and facial features are best treated with surgical procedures such as face lift, brow lift, eyelid lift and neck lift. In patients over the age of 60, several procedures can be combined for best results. Facelift surgery can tighten sagging skin around the mid and lower regions of the face, and produces permanent results. Eyelid surgery and brow lift enhance the appearance of sagging eyelids and a droopy brow for a more alert and refreshed appearance.

Breast Enhancement

Breast lift surgery is very common among women over the age of 45. A breast lift allows Dr. Griffin to treat sagging breasts and reposition them higher on the chest. For women who have lost some breast volume, breast implants may be placed to restore volume and make the patient’s bustline look more attractive. Another option suitable for women with naturally large or heavy breasts that sag with age is a breast lift combined with a breast reduction. This combination of procedures adjusts the proportion of the breasts to the body and makes the bust look more youthful. Women who had breast implants placed earlier in life often undergo revision breast augmentation surgery in their 50s and 60s, either to replace their implants or to remove them altogether.

Body Sculpting

By the time someone has turned 50, 60 or 70 years old, it becomes difficult to maintain a fit and attractive appearance simply by healthy living. The skin begins to lose its elasticity, becomes wrinkly, the muscles weaken and localized fat deposits stop responding to diet or exercise. For patients ages 45 or older, procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck surgery and body lift surgery are excellent options to combat the physical changes caused by aging. Liposuction eliminates stubborn fat pockets in essentially any area of the body, especially the thighs, hips, upper arms and the neck. Tummy tuck surgery tightens the abdominal muscles, reduces fat and eliminates excess droopy skin for a flatter, more toned midsection. Body lift is performed to treat areas of excessive sagging skin, usually around the lower portion of the body. It is a suitable option for individuals who have had bariatric surgery or lost a significant amount of weight and have folds of loose, wrinkly skin.

Although cosmetic surgery can help a patient at any age and stage of life, Dr. Griffin takes special precautions with patients who are more than 70 years old. Individuals who suffer from complex medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and similar illnesses may not qualify to undergo plastic surgery due to the increased risk of complications. Dr. Griffin will conduct a thorough physical examination during the surgical consultation to determine whether a person is healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery.

For more information on each procedure, please visit the respective pages. If you are over 45 years old and would like to explore your cosmetic surgery treatment options, please call Dr. Griffin at (650) 348-1503 to schedule a consultation and discuss your concerns.

As a dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. John Griffin takes great pride in helping his patients enhance their body contours, reverse the signs of aging and remove various aesthetic flaws. Over the course of his career, Dr. Griffin has successfully treated thousands of patients seeking breast augmentation, DIEP breast reconstruction, nose surgery, liposuction and mommy makeover in San Mateo. To learn more about these procedures, please explore the respective pages.

October 16, 2014 | TOPICS: Cosmetic Surgery, Face, Breast, Body, Skin