Cost & Financing

When patients make the decision to undergo plastic surgery, they often consider the skill of the surgeon, the benefits and risks of the procedure, and the cost of surgery. While the cost of cosmetic surgery is certainly an important factor, many choose to weigh the surgeon’s experience and training over cost. By choosing a reputable surgeon, patients are more likely to be satisfied with the result of the procedure, and less likely to require costly revision surgery in the near future. Bay Area Plastic Surgeon John Griffin is board certified, and has the artistic and technical skill to produce beautiful and natural looking results.

Plastic Surgery Cost Ranges

When Dr. Griffin meets with patients, one of the most common questions he hears is, “How much will my procedure cost?” It is difficult to come up with a general cost for each procedure when so many variables affect the price. Instead, Dr. Griffin personally meets with prospective patients to listen to their goals and concerns and examine the potential treatment area. During this appointment, Dr. Griffin will determine if the patient is a good candidate for surgery, develop a surgical plan, and provide a cost quote. The cost of an individual patient’s plastic surgery may be affected by:

  • The type of incision that is made
  • The amount of skin or tissue removal
  • The amount of fat removal
  • The use of implants
  • The use of bone, cartilage, or skin grafts
  • The type of surgery, and whether it is a primary or revision surgery

Plastic Surgery Financing

When it comes to covering the cost of plastic surgery, patients have many options. Many patients choose to cover the cost of plastic surgery, in part or in whole, with a financing plan. There is a range of financing options available to plastic surgery patients. Patients may choose to select the plan that offers the best interest rates and terms.

  • Credit cards: Patients may use an existing credit card that offers good terms, or apply for a new offer that offers low interest rates. Often, when consumers apply for a new card, they receive excellent interest rates for the first few months of use. In these cases, patients may elect to pay off the cost of plastic surgery during the period in which the interest rates are the lowest. 
  • CareCredit: CareCredit is a company that offers financing for health care costs. Applying for a CareCredit account takes just a few minutes. If patients are approved, they will have a number of financing plans to choose from; generally, the plans that are paid off in the shortest amount of time offer the lowest interest rates.

Financing is an excellent way to help cover the costs of plastic surgery. However, patients may choose to review the terms of the plan, including any late fees or penalties that may be applied, to ensure that they are getting the best possible financing deal.

Plastic Surgery Insurance

Patients who undergo reconstructive procedures such as breast reconstruction can often have the costs of their procedures covered by their health insurance plan.

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